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Museums and other places of interest

Of the many museums and other places of interest, only a selected few care listed here.
The links on page "activities" connect to the appropriate guest- and tourist information offices.
Grosse Kunstschau

Grosse Kunstschau

Lindenallee 3-5
This group of buildings was designed by Bernhard Hoetger.
Works of the early Worpswede artists as well as of contemporary painters and sculptors are on display.
Die "Käseglocke"

Freunde Worpswedes

This round building was constructed in 1926 and was originally to used as a family home.
Because its unique shape resembles a Cheese Bell (Käseglocke in German), this name has stuck!
Today it houses an arts and craft museum.
For more info please visit the web site of the "Friends of Worpswede".
Haus im Schluh

Haus im Schluh

Im Schluh 35-37
An old thatched building, where works of Heinrich Vogeler are on display.
An additional attraction are old hand looms, which are still in use!
Ostendorfer Str. 10

Barkenhoff  Stiftung

Permanent exhibition covering life and work of Heinrich Vogeler, a well know Worpswede artist.
An attractive garden can also be visited.
Torfschiffwerft-Museum Schlussdorf


Schlussdorfer Str.22
Das Torfschiffwerftmuseum ist der Besiedlungsgeschichte des Teufelsmoors und dem
Bau von Torfkähnen gewidmet.
Please enquire visiting hours!
Museumsanlage des Heimatvereins Neu Sankt Jürgen


Dorfstrasse 15
In its "museum barn" the Local Heritage Association displays farm machinery and utensils and also household goods etc from the time the "Teufelsmoor" was populated until modern times.


Visits by arrangement only!


Museumsanlage der Kulturstiftung

04791-1 31 05

Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Bördestr. 42
4 Museums in one location.

Kulturstiftung OHZ

A local Heritage Museum, a hands-on Museum, the North German Bird Museum and a museum dedicated to shipping and the harvesting of peat.
More on the web site of the Cultural Foundation OHZ
Bachmann Museum

04761-81 46 03

Bremervörde, Amtsallee 8
This museum covers regional history. Many interesting exhibitions and events.

Bachmann Museum

.Have a look at their web site!