Holiday Home "Dat lüttje Hus" in Worpswede

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The Garden

As said before, the little house and the big house stand together in a large garden surrounded by many trees and
bushes, which form a "green belt" and create an island of tranquility.
The smaller of the 2 terraces faces more to the south and is sunny, whereas the larger one is orientated more to the north and shady and will receive direct sunlight only in the afternoon.
The Round Table invites you to eat "al fresco" (Weather permitting ) and there is a small seating area at the end of the garden from where you can watch the sun go down and let the day close.
There is room for sun bathing or playing games on the lawn and in winter one can walk straight into the fields.
But, as a picture tells more than a thousand words, here a few photos:



The North-Terrace

The Round Table


The Garden towards North...


... and towards South


...and in Winter


... and another Day ends